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Uthrive Freeride Academy Camps are custom made trips which are specifically designed for Freeride teams who are currently competing or are hoping to compete in the FWT, FWJ or FWQ. We do things a little differently on our Freeride Camps.  Yes, we have the best Freeriders in the world coaching your team but we go beyond hucking cliffs and skiing steeps.  We want your team to be the best and get on the podium.  To achieve this we work on more than technique & line choice.  Our experienced FWT athletes will teach your Freeride team the athlete mindset that will help them succeed.

Reine Barkered FWT

Athlete Mindset

“Freeriding is 80% mental and 20% physical”  Reine Barkered, Freeride World Tour Champion (photo left).

What separates the guys on the podium from the rest?  Mindset!  We see athletes all the time not reach their potential or they can’t handle the pressure and choke on competition day.  Our Freeride camps teach mindset tools that help improve freeride ability; visualisation techniques, relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, mindfulness and meditations.  All of these techniques are used by our FWT athletes to achieve their podium positions.  We’ll incorporate this while we’re shredding around the hill and having a blast!!!


Hazel Birnbaum celebrating 1st Place


Becoming a Pro Freerider

What about social media influence, attracting sponsors, negotiating contracts, networking in the industry?  Yep, we’ll teach that too on our Freeride Camps.  Our FWT athletes have vast amount of experience in this and they know how important it is to be an excellent representative of the Freeride Community. We run these workshops as evening session or on weather & rest days.

You can read articles, posts, watch interviews with our athletes on our blog here. 


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