Thrive (v) -To grow or develop well and vigorously; to flourish, prosper.

What we are about:

You will ski with and learn from the top skiers in the World; Freeride World Tour Champions, Olympians and the crazy guys from the movies.  They will take you on a ski trip of a life time.  Here at Uthrive we are pioneering a movement that utilises the same psychology and techniques used by world-class athletes to get the most out of your skiing.

The philosophy:

Ever had a mental block that’s stopped you from skiing your first black run, or going off a cliff or skiing something steep?  We all have.  So how do you push through that? The athlete mindset!  Athletes have incredible resilience, determination and an amazing ability to handle stress, pressure, over come fear and think confidently. Does your skiing sound like that?  The benefits of skiing with a World Champion go beyond your physical technique.  You will learn tools and techniques used by these world class athletes to achieve top level skiing which you’ll be able to incorporate in to your every day life.

So, why should you ski with Uthrive? Short answer – We are a group of World Class Athletes who are passionate about what we do and want you to have the ski trip of a life time.


Ab Workout for Skiing

Ab Workout for Skiing

Ab Workout for SkiingAbs are one of the most important areas that contribute towards you being a strong skier.  Your core will help give you balance in your turns, lift those skis in and out of the pow, and help you stomp those landings.  This video will show you the...

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