VIP Private Ski Trips

Exclusive Ski Holidays with the Top Skiers in the World.

On our VIP private ski trips you and your friends, family or co-workers can enjoy the exclusive opportunity to ski with World Champions, Freeride Champions, Gold Medalists and the biggest names in the ski industry.   Our Uthrive athletes have travelled to every mountain range in the world to film ski movies, compete in world stage competitions, achieve world record breaking expeditions and shoot photos you’ve seen in the magazines.  Our World class athletes are ready to take you on your dream ski trip.

Skiing Goals

Tell us the level of your group and your desired goals and we’ll help you achieve them, you are skiing with the best after all!  Our Pro athletes are constantly striving to achieve new goals and they want to help you achieve yours. We get a high from seeing our guests push their skiing and ski something they didn’t think possible.  So let North Face skier, Ian McIntosh, take you off piste or Freeride World Tour Champion, Reine Barkered share his secret techniques so you can ski faster or Female Skier of the Year, Lyndsey Dyer, will take you down your first black run.


Athlete Mindset

Something our athletes understand the most is the power of your mindset.  Mental blocks, fear, worry, stress and lack of focus can hold you back and stop you from progressing your skiing.  To quote Reine Barkered its “80% mental, 20% physical”.  Our athletes will teach you the secret tools they use to achieve their success; breathing exercises, visualisations, meditations and sports psychology will help you take your skiing to the next level.  Whether you want to ski your first black run, overcome an injury or ski steeper lines off piste these athlete secrets will get you there.

Where will go?

Between us we have travelled to every corner of every mountain range in the world.  We have extensive knowledge of the best areas for different types of skiers and have the expertise to create your dream holiday.   We have excellent relationships with luxury chalets, heli and cat skiing lodges, backcountry huts and know the best locations to camp (if you’re more adventurous).  If you have your own chalet/cabin and would like us to come to you that can be arranged.

Each trip will be tailor made to your group.  Example trips are:

  • Wellbeing Trip: Morning yoga sessions, apres stretching sessions & athlete mindset sessions with Lynsey Dyer.
  • The Serious Skier:  Early morning starts, rappelling couloirs, navigating glaciers and skiing steeps in Chamonix with Ian McIntosh
  • More relaxed: Cruise the piste in the Three Valleys, sip wine in the sun after a hard days skiing and you show us that your dance moves are the best in town!  Try to beat Kyle Smaine down the mountain.
  • Adventure: Exploring the Andes, Chile, with Drew Tabke.  Ski endless remote terrain.  Relax in natural hot springs watching the volcano puff smoke while sipping local wines.
  • Foodie: Skiing to burn calories with Reine Barkered. If your focus is food and wine let us know and we’ll fly in the top chefs and sommeliers.  Yes, you can bring your own wine collection.

You get the picture.  Whatever the trip is our World Champion skiers will take you.

Whether you want to heli ski in Alaska, cruise the piste in Austria, enjoy fondu after a hard days skiing in Switzerland, explore the vastness of British Columbia or Sleep in a hut in Kyrgyzstan our athletes are excited to take you on that dream adventure.

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