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Grab a beer, relax in your living room and listen to these ski legends share crazy tales from the backcountry, top workout tips, tools to help your mindset so you can push your skiing to the next level this winter.  Covid may have stopped us from gathering at ski movie premiers and cheering your favourite skiers on but it doesn’t mean you can’t hang out with the Pros.  It’s a whole load of ski talkin!

Uthrive athletes are some of the top skiers in the world and we’re hosting a series of exclusive online Zoom presentations.  Each athlete is focusing on a subject they are personally stoked on and want to share with you. Giving you an insight into their secrets and pro tips.  Each athlete will be hosting an event so check out below for our upcoming online events.

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Get Ski Fit Ready with Secret Tips and Work Outs – with Johnny Collinson

Tuesday October 27 2020

Johnny Collinson attributes his success as an athlete and coming back from injuries so strong to his fitness.  As a Red Bull athlete Johnny spends most of his time at the Red Bull headquarters focusing on his physical strength, ski specific training and the attitude he needs to keep pushing himself.   If you’ve seen his instagram you’ll know this guy doesn’t mess around when it comes to training.
He’ll share with you the core areas of the body to focus on plus ski exercises you can do anywhere and without equipment.  He’ll show you incredible unseen footage of him when he’s on top of his fitness; skiing big lines and stomping massive cliffs.
So, sip that last beer because Johnny will have you pumped to get in shape for this ski season. And of course how to get Johnny abs!



Questions You Were Afraid to Ask a Freerider – with Drew Tabke.

Tuesday November 3 2020

Always wanted to approach a Pro to ask the real Freeriding questions and get the dirt but were too afraid?  Well, don’t worry, Drew Tabke is going to answer those questions for you.

Drew is a two time World Champion of the Freeride World Tour and is the guy who can answer all the questions on Freeridng.  From how to choose your line, how dangerous is it really and for you pisters, what the hell is Freeriding?  You’ll also get the chance to have your questions answered by Drew on the night.  No questions are off base!







Behind the Scenes of a TGR Overnight Film Expedition – with Ian McIntosh

Tuesday November 10 2020

This infamous trip which would win Ian McIntosh “Line of the Year” did not disappoint. It was a new experience for the whole crew and they were constantly thrown challenges that they had to overcome.

Ian will talk about how he and his team managed through a storm that dumped almost 4 meters of snow, taking shifts through the night to dig out their tents as they became entombed in snow. They enjoyed the best sunrises ever as the crew topped out on their climbs in the first morning pink light.

The successes and the failures are what made this trip.  The story is gripping and Ian has a natural humour as he tells his epic story. These memories will last a lifetime.  Ian is excited to give you the back story of this epic adventure and how he was the first person to ever to win “Line of the Year” through nothing but foot power.


Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone to Achieve Your Fullest Potential – with Jackie Paaso

Tuesday November 17th 2020


As a professional athlete, entrepreneur, director & producer of an all female ski movie and ex-pat Jackie Paaso has constantly been stepping out of her “comfort zone”. With those steps comes both failures and successes and if embraced correctly both results in getting you closer to reaching your goals and making your dreams reality.
I’m sure that you’ve all discovered that it’s easy to stay in one’s “comfort zone”, but does that get you to where you really want to be at the end of the day?  Whether it has to do with sports, business, or even your personal life taking the easy path will most likely not make it possible to achieve the level of success you dream of.




Calculated Risk.  The Math of a Champion – with Reine Barkered.

Tuesday November 24 2020

At 38 years old, Reine Barkered is the longest running competitor at the Freeride World Tour.  Also known as the Mayor of Stomp Town for the crazy big cliffs he hits in competition.  A big part of this comes from caluculating risks and always weighing the risk vs reward scale in your favour.
During Reine’s talk you’ll learn about his reasoning, how he keeps calm and collected and delivers when it matters.  But also knowing when to take a step back.  It’s about luck, mindset and everything in between.
Reine has one world championship title and three Extreme Verbier titles, the Kitzbühel Streif of freeride skiing.  We all want to be improving and pushing our skiing so what does it take to get there?  Find out on the night!



Getting Rad – with Kyle Smaine


Kyle knows a thing or two about getting rad.  Firstly the Tahoe relaxed attitude 😉

Topic and blurb coming soon. . . .





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