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The Corporate Athlete™ Podcast is the podcast for those who work 9-5 but can’t wait to get after it on the weekend.  Whether it’s out riding your bike, skiing some laps, watching the rugby or training hard for a triathlon.  This podcast will inspire, motivate and educate you on the athlete mentality which you can use in your working and sporting life.  Olympians, Tour De France riders, rugby players, skiers and other pro athletes share their personal stories; getting into details of their training regimes, overcoming failure, working together as a team, risk assessment, building their confidence and more.   It is one of the top business & sports podcasts hosted by our Uthrive Founder, Rachel Findler.  Enjoy!
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The Corporate Athlete: Episode 8: Sam Anthamatten

Sam Anthamatten is one of the top Freeride skiers & mountaineers in the world traveling to Japan, Pakistan & Georgia to ski some of the biggest lines.  I got an exclusive interview with Sam while he was in London premiering The Collective Film by Faction skis.  Sam understands the need for risk assessment when deep out in the mountains.  He shares his extensive mountain knowledge with us on how he manages a group of individuals to ensure they are prepared in case shit goes wrong.  As an athlete Sam is always looking to push the limits but as a mountain guide he is constantly thinking of safety, he tells us how he balances these two.  Visualisation is a tool Sam used when he was competitive climber and attributes a lot of his success down to this technique.  I learnt so much from talking with Sam as he calmly talks about ways you can minimise your risk and work best as a team in difficult situations.
You can check out Sam Anthamatten’s epic skiing in The Collective Film by Faction skis on Youtube just released to the public Dec 2 at  or head over to
Sam Anthamatten Instagram @samanthamatten And checkout Faction skis at @Factionskis

The Corporate Athlete: Episode 7: Tom Bodkin

Tom Bodkin is an amazing adventurer.  After serving as a British Officer in the Parachute Regiment  he founded one of the top adventure travel companies, Secret Compass, running trips from mountain biking in Afghanistan to trekking in the jungle in Panama.  Tom has done it all.  You know those amazing adventure shows you watch filmed in remote and beautiful parts of the world on the BBC, National Geographic or Discovery Channel?  Secret Compass arrange those trips too.
Tom Bodkin draws parallels between his role in the Army and now as an entrepreneur.  We discuss leadership, risk assessment, decision making in difficult situations, how to find solutions to problems and the confidence the army instilled in him that he still carries with him.  This episode will have you packing your bags and signing up to Toms next adventure!!!!
For more information on these epic adventures and Tom Bodkin please visit

And check out their awesome videos of trekking in the jungle and more

You can find Secret Compass on Twitter @secret_compass Instagram @secret.compass

The Corporate Athlete: Episode 6: Christopher Spartz

Pro Basketball player, coach & entrepreneur Christopher Spartz has one of the most progressive and inspiring athletic careers.  Still only in his thirties he has had a career as pro college player, Captain of the Washington Generals, Coach for St Ambrose University, Recruiting & Operations Coordinator for Ohio State & Assistant Coach for Costa Rica and now entrepreneur of Spartz Sportz.  In this episode Christopher will inspire you to think about how to keep moving ahead in your career.  We also cover recruiting and what the winning formula is when recruiting new team members and how to adapt you leadership and management style in different cultures; whether that’s in a different company culture or country.

You can learn more about Christopher and his successful basketball camps at  Where you can also watch some impressive videos of Christopher playing basketball.  His twitter handle and Instagram handle is @CoachCSpartz.

It was an absolute joy talking with Christopher, enjoy!

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The Corporate Athlete: Episode 5: Hayden Roulston

Professional Cyclist, Olympic Silver and Bronze medalist Hayden Roulston, shares with us his personal battle with nutrition and finding a winning solution, the importance of a morning routine for stress management and the creation of The Roulston Foundation. Through stories from Hayden Roulston’s amateur days of trying to balance a full time job, training and competing he explains why he started The Roulston Foundation, which provides financial and coaching support for young, up and coming cyclists to eliminate the struggles that Roulston endured.

Hayden is one of the most energetic guests I have had the pleasure of interviewing.  An inspiring person to be around.

For more information on Hayden or The Roulston Foundation please visit or find him on Twitter @HaydenRoulston.

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The Corporate Athlete: Episode 4: Mindfulness

There is a reason why so many athletes and companies turn to mindfulness as a mental tool.  Michael Chaskalson, CEO of Mindfulness Works, is the UK’s leading trainer of mindfulness-based approaches to work.  He has worked with some of the top CEOs and international companies in the world.  Michael not only shares invaluable tools we can use in our day to day life but he explains the true definition of mindfulness and what all the fuss is about.  I have never felt so relaxed at the end of an interview.  If you want to improve your mental health and relieve some of that stress and tension in your life, this is the one to listen to!

You can follow Michael on twitter @themindfulnessguy or if you’d like Michael to benefit you and your company you can visit his website or check out any of his books; the bestselling Mindfulness in Eight weeks, The Mindful Work Place, Mindfulness for Coaches and Mind Time.

The Corporate Athlete Episode 3: Tom Williams

Tom Williams has had an incredible 13 year career with the Harlequins Rugby team as a player and now as a coach.  But no career is without being tested and having the confidence smashed out of you – especially rugby.  In 2009 Tom was banned from rugby after being caught up in scandal, knows as ‘The Bloodgate Scandal” in a desperate attempt to win a Heineken Cup match against Leicester.  Tom shares with us how stressful it was, how his confidence was knocked and what it took for him to come fighting back and being voted “Players Player of the year in 2012”. His role as a coach is inspirational and educational to any manager or those in a leadership role as he shares how he handles different situations & individuals. It is clear this coaching role is a natural one for Tom as he shares stories of his coaching methods.

The Corporate Athlete Episode 2 Part 2: Hugo Ramambason

Hugo is the cox for the Cambridge University Boat Crew that rowed their way to victory in the The Boat Race 2018. The cox has to keep the crew motivated and working together as a team not just for the race but also the previous 7 months training.  After 3 years of loses Hugo never lost his determination.  He “had unfinished business” at the end of every race and knew they were making marginal gains which would result in a big win.  Hugo reminds us about the power of working together as a team and taking every “loss” as an opportunity for learning lessons.

The Corporate Athlete Episode 2 Part 1: Daphne Martschenko

Daphne is a strong leader.  Not only as President of the Cambridge University Womens Boat Club but making history as a member of the first female crew to row The Boat Race in 2015 and being the first person of colour to ever compete in this prestigious event. We discuss how rowing increases Daphnes’ productivity in her studies, the importance of psychological preparation and team communication ensuring an understanding and respect for how each individual will manage stress.

The Corporate Athlete Episode 1: Mike Shaw, The Healing Agent

Mike Shaw, professional skier and coach suffered a life changing spinal cord injury in December 2013.  He was told he would never walk again.  But 5 months later he beat all the odds and I watched Mike walk out of hospital.  Mike shares with us how gratitude got him through his recovery and how he had blind belief and trust that he would walk again.  Outside of his injury he shares with us his insights as a coach for the Canadian Development Team and how that relates to his new role as an entrepreneur.
Shit happens, and Mikes story will help motivate you to battle through and come out the other side.  You can catch the Redbull Documentary on Mikes “The Healing Agent” on Redbull TV and he has an unbelievable TedTalk “Grief Happens”.  If you ever feel like there is no way out – this is your podcast!

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