Sam Anthamatten is one of the top Freeride skiers & mountaineers in the world traveling to Japan, Pakistan & Georgia to ski some of the biggest lines.  I got an exclusive interview with Sam while he was in London premiering The Collective Film by Faction skis.  Sam understands the need for risk assessment when deep out in the mountains.  He shares his extensive mountain knowledge with us on how he manages a group of individuals to ensure they are prepared in case shit goes wrong.  As an athlete Sam is always looking to push the limits but as a mountain guide he is constantly thinking of safety, he tells us how he balances these two.  Visualisation is a tool Sam used when he was competitive climber and attributes a lot of his success down to this technique.  I learnt so much from talking with Sam as he calmly talks about ways you can minimise your risk and work best as a team in difficult situations.
You can check out Sam Anthamatten’s epic skiing in The Collective Film by Faction skis on Youtube just released to the public Dec 2 at  or head over to
Sam Anthamatten Instagram @samanthamatten And checkout Faction skis at @Factionskis