Uthrive Testimonies


Johannes comfortably enjoying a snack in the Cosmique Couloir.

“The Uthrive ski retreat was completely insane! We skied the best powder, skied one of the steepest runs you can imagine, met awesome people and I enjoyed good food every day.  It broke the bar. Even for me and I ski a lot.” 

It was the best week of skiing I have ever had.”

“I recommend Uthrive Ski Retreats because you get to meet the best skiers in the world. You get professional tips on how to over come fear, how to deal with fear properly and how to focus on your skiing with out getting in to danger.”

“It’s what you see in the movies . . . and here I am doing this!”

“The best part about the trip was meeting Ian McIntosh. Also rappelling down the Aiguille du Midi. It’s what you see in the movies but we did it. When I was rappelling down in to the couloir I was thinking “I only know this from the movies and here I am doing this”. It was the perfect day, really fun and safe.”

Johannes Knipple.

“Something I particularly wanted to work on is steeper terrain and more tight couloirs . . .  This is exactly what we got to do on the Uthrive Ski Retreat”

 My favourite thing I skied was waking up and first thing we were straight up a steep boot pack to get the to the top with beautiful views and a really nice big couloir. It was a really cool couloir. I followed Reine (Barkered) down and had a really great time. Following Reine down steep chutes was perfect. “

“Skiing with Reine & Jackie (Paaso) was a really good experience. It was a lot of fun getting advice from them, skiing behind them and skiing in front of them because they made me ski faster and that’s the aim. So I had a really great time and would definitely do it again.”

“Without a doubt I would recommend a Uthrive Ski Retreat for anyone who is keen to improve their skiing . . ” 
have a great time and ski with a really high calibre of skiers. It’s hard to find people that are like minded like that so there’s a really good community aspect too.”

Josh Hochman.

Hans stoked after rappelling

“Skiing with Ian McIntosh was the best skiing of my life because I have never seen a skier like him. He makes it look so easy. He gives good advice and you can learn a lot from him. He has a lot of experience as a big mountain skier and is a f*!king awesome Canadian dude.”

“I will remember this trip for my whole life.”

“This week I had a lot of fun experiences, adventures and something I did for the first time in skiing. I rappelled down a big waterfall and rappelled off the Aguille de Midi. It was incredible.”

“One of my favourite parts of the trip was hiking a rocky section at the top of a mountain and then skiing all the way down and ending up at some amazing pillow lines and tree lines. Then after we had some beers and we had a lot of fun.  It was an awesome group and I love all these guys”

Hans Markl, Germany.



“The Uthrive trip really does offer everything I love about skiing and so much more. Everything from the mindfulness, meditation and yoga . . . to the great new people I’ve met and the fantastic skiing that we’ve done. It has been everything I would wish for and more.

“Skiing with Ian McIntosh was amazing. I’ve learnt a lot about the mountains, safety, line choice and he’s a great guy!”

One of the highlights is skiing big lines with Ian by my side, just amazing.  But also the social aspect.  The people I’ve met are incredible and we’ve had really good times – lots of laughter!

“This is one of the best places I’ve stayed.”

The chalet and food was fantastic.  The chalet hosts (Oli & Sally) have been so good. 

I would recommend coming on a Uthrive trip.  Be prepared for a lot of fun and a lot of serious mountain action. It really has been a fantastic week.”

Jack Gallie.

“The Uthrive Ski Retreat is an exceptional programme”

“I loved this week, it exceeded expectations.  The Uthrive ski retreat is an exceptional programme, there are lot’s of options here in the French Alps and we got to visit a very unique ski resort with French culture and we had a great crew to ski with.  One of the best things about this trips was the variations in the adventures.   The chalet was super french in a very endearing way. Classic french style. The meals were excellent.  The breakfast and dinners were superb.”

Noah Bartsch




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