Ski Retreats

Ski Retreat With Reine Barkered & Jackie Paaso
Verbier, Switzerland.  March 14-17 2019. 

Freeride World Tour Champion Reine Barkered

If you follow the Freeride World Tour then you will definitely recognise these incredible skiers from the podiums.  Freeride Champions, Reine and Jackie, are taking time off from their travels with the Freeride World Tour to come ski with us – aren’t we lucky!

Not only is Reine an incredible pro athlete he’s also a qualified ski instructor, so he will have you skiing beyond what you thought possible by the end of the week.  Jackie Paaso will have you looking at the mountain completely differently as she educates you on snow conditions and the mental aspect of being a champion. You can check out her amazing accomplishments and strong mindset in her film Evolution of Dreams (see trailer below).

This trip includes four days skiing with Reine & Jackie.  We will meet at 9am and ski till 4pmish. Of course there is time for a beer or two after to swap stories and celebrate our days skiing.

This retreat requires a good level of skiing as we will be skiing off piste and ski touring. Don’t worry, no 50ft cliffs just pow and fun!  Off piste skiing & ski touring is weather & avalanche danger permitting.
For Further information please contact Rachel +44 (0) 7710566530 or email 


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