Kyle Smaine

World Half Pipe Champion & Big Mountain Skier


Lake Tahoe, USA – January 2020

Be prepared for an awesome ski touring adventure.

Kyle is going to show you the amazing play ground of his home, Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe has some of the most playful and accessible back country terrain. Not to mention the impressive views from the peaks of the bright blue lake.

Tahoe has endless terrain for us to explore; trees, open bowls, steep faces, we are going to ski it all. But it’s not all about the down hill (obviously that’s the best bit). We’re going to learn what it entails to ski tour to a peak and how to ensure safety is the priority. Followed by fun, of course! So strap on that ski touring gear and let’s go for a walk to find the very best lines Tahoe has to offer!

This trip is for advance skiers but first time ski tourers welcome. Ski touring will be dependant on weather & avalanche conditions. But don’t worry, there is always something to shred and this may mean we spend our time Freeriding an awesome local resort.

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