Corporate Ski Retreats

We do things a little differently at Uthrive Corporate Ski Retreat.  We have some of the top skier and snowboard athletes in the world who are going to show you and your team your full potential on and off the mountain.  Our athletes know the importance of not only working on your skiing technique but also working together as a team, having excellent communication, learning tools to cope with fear, stress and over coming mental obstacles that stop you from skiing to your full potential.

Your Corporate Ski Retreat will be tailored to your needs and will include:

  • Learn techniques our Professional and World Champion athletes use to control fear, manage stress and find a healthy work-life balance.  We want your team to go home with a bag of tools they can use in their every day lives that will improve their wellbeing.
  • Relaxing yoga, stretching and mindfulness session.
  • Hit the dance floor for a fun Apres session.
  • Off hill activities which are accessible for everyone.
  • Devise a work out plan for your team leading up to the trip so everyone is in tip top shape.  This is also another great way to be together as a team.

Beautiful chalets, excellent chefs, delicious wine and of course our wonderful team of athletes (see below).  What more do you need?  What ever the level of skiing, beginner to advance heliskiing, or length of trip we look forward to skiing with you this winter.
Available in Europe, Canada, West coast of United States & Chile.

For Further details on your Corporate Ski Retreat email or call +44 (0) 7710566530

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Ski Retreat Testimonials

“Spending a long weekend in the pure mountain air with a great group, enjoying skiing and a retreat was amazing. Rachel is a super host very considerate and knows how to make sure everyone is having the best time. I would say my favourite lesson from our mountain retreat was taking time to be present and connecting with nature. Embracing the chalet atmosphere sharing new experiences with new friends over delicious food is another perk. I would highly recommend joining UThrives epic adventures in the Alps. The investment of time to ensure you are living a balanced life is very important to your mental health. Go send it and take in the mountain therapy!”
Crystal Johnson, WellsFargo, Canada

“Rachel is a pro. Each session, she zeroed in on what skill needed improvement and with a tweek here and there had me skiing runs I never imagined I could ski.  She was always encouraging, relaxed and infinitely patient.  She enjoyed coaching and that enjoyment transferred to me. When I moved to the mountains in Alberta I was almost afraid of skiing without Rachel but the gifts she imparted, namely the skills she taught me and the stories she shared stayed with me like a spirit guide and gave me courage to venture down new paths.  I am forever grateful to Rachel.  And often send a blessing her way as I now enjoy mountains and ski resorts all over the world” Margot Micallef, Alberta, Canada.

“I wasn’t exactly sure what I had signed up to for Rachels ski retreat but I knew I wanted to get out of my comfort zone of skiing the same slopes.  I am so glad I went!  I met an amazing group of like minded people and not only did my skiing drastically improve (my balance is terrible, which Rachel helped me work on) but I now look at the mountain in a completely different way.  I can’t wait to explore other resorts with my new appreciation for all the varied terrain.  And of course, one of my favourite parts was coming back to the chalet and enjoying the hot tub! What better way to end the day.”
Chris Searle, London, UK

Rachel is a Bronze medallist who has competed in Freeride competitions (including the Freeride World Tour) since 2009. Sponsored by Faction skis, Giro, Surefoot & Flylow Gear she enjoys travelling the mountains of the world. Previously based in Whistler, Canada for ten years Rachel ran her own health practice, Whistler Wellbeing, and worked with some of the top athletes. Rachel ran ski retreats focusing on skiing and overcoming stress & fear. Let’s face it, professional extreme skiers know a thing or two about handling stress.  She has returned to Europe to help companies adopt the athlete mentality and implements health programs in to the work place. But her favourite part of her job is escaping to the mountains and running ski retreats.

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