About Us

Uthrive is a group of passionate professional athletes, World Champions, and rock star skiers from the movies who want to share their knowledge and love for skiing with you.  We have created epic ski trips for like minded skiers that give you the opportunity to learn from the best in the world.  You will go home a better skier having had the best experience of your life, ski mountains you never thought possible, have such a big smile on your face it hurts and of course bragging rights that you skied with the pros.

Why Ski with Uthrive?

We believe that if you want to be good at something you should learn from the best.  All our athletes have had to work hard to get to the top and over come lots of obstacles.  They’ve physically trained hard but have also used other mental techniques to help them succeed.  They have used visualisation techniques, breathing exercises, mindfulness and meditations to help them ski confidently, perform under pressure and ski things they never thought possible.  We have all experienced that mental block that has stopped you from skiing a steep run, or your first black run, or go off a cliff.  You have the physical ability to do these things but your mind is stopping you.  And that is why you should ski with us!  

Who am I going to Ski with?

Uthrive is stoked to have such an amazing group of athletes.  All our skiers are the best in the world – Ian McIntosh, Reine Barkered, Jackie Paaso, Kyle Smaine, Hazel Birnbaum, the list keeps going.  We all came together because we wanted to share our knowledge as our mentors have done for us.  We want the Freeride community to continue to grow and improve and we want to be a part of shaping that.  On the trips you will be skiing with one or two of these athletes and our director Rachel will be there to coordinate and run the mindset sessions with the other athletes

Our director Rachel Findler has been working with Olympians, World Champions and Freeriders since 2010 while competing in Freeride. She taught them tools and techniques that athletes use that has taken them to the podium. Over the course of several years Rachel ran workshops and retreats for professional athletes & Olympians focusing on stress management, goal setting & mindfulness to ensure they performed at their best for the following winter.  She quickly realised it wasn’t just the athletes who needed these skills, it was everyone.  Being surrounded by athletes with the same vision we have all come together to create ski trips of a life time.

You can learn more about the athlete mindset from the top athletes in the world here on Rachels podcast The Corporate Athlete. Also found on Itunes.

Besides the athletes on our trips there will be awesome like minded skiers, like yourself.  Sometimes our friends don’t want to ski what we want to ski and going off piste isn’t something you can do on your own so these trips with other amazing skiers is a perfect way to have the trip you always dreamt of.  Whether you come on your own or with your buddies you’ll make new skier buddies for life 🙂

We can’t wait to ski with you this winter.  See you on the slopes!

The Uthrive Team.

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