The Corporate Athlete: Episode 5: Hayden Roulston

The Corporate Athlete: Episode 5: Hayden Roulston

Professional Cyclist, Olympic Silver and Bronze medalist Hayden Roulston, shares with us his personal battle with nutrition and finding a winning solution, the importance of a morning routine for stress management and the creation of The Roulston Foundation. Through stories from Hayden Roulston’s amateur days of trying to balance a full time job, training and competing he explains why he started The Roulston Foundation, which provides financial and coaching support for young, up and coming cyclists to eliminate the struggles that Roulston endured.

Hayden is one of the most energetic guests I have had the pleasure of interviewing.  An inspiring person to be around.

For more information on Hayden or The Roulston Foundation please visit or find him on Twitter @HaydenRoulston.

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The Corporate Athlete: Episode 4: Mindfulness

There is a reason why so many athletes and companies turn to mindfulness as a mental tool.  Michael Chaskalson, CEO of Mindfulness Works, is the UK’s leading trainer of mindfulness-based approaches to work.  He has worked with some of the top CEOs and international companies in the world.  Michael not only shares invaluable tools we can use in our day to day life but he explains the true definition of mindfulness and what all the fuss is about.  I have never felt so relaxed at the end of an interview.  If you want to improve your mental health and relieve some of that stress and tension in your life, this is the one to listen to!

You can follow Michael on twitter @themindfulnessguy or if you’d like Michael to benefit you and your company you can visit his website or check out any of his books; the bestselling Mindfulness in Eight weeks, The Mindful Work Place, Mindfulness for Coaches and Mind Time.