Why you should only have one New Years Resolution

Why you should only have one New Years Resolution

Everyone tries to change the world and themselves every January and by February they can’t even remember what they said they were going to do.  Is this what your New Year Goal Setting list looks like?:

Yummy Healthy smoothies

  • Give up alcohol
  • Sign up to a gym
  • Eat Healthy
  • Give up sugar
  • Stop watching Netflix

Those are MASSIVE challenges to take on!!!  Not to mention the pressure you’re putting on yourself:

  • You will go in to sugar with drawls – yes it’s a real thing!
  • You will avoid social situations to avoid alcohol.
  • You’ll be knackered from the gym and won’t be able to find time to go as much as you’d like.
  • Be twiddling your thumbs without Netflix and desperate to just ‘chill out’.
  • Starving and struggle with all the food prep you have to do while you adjust to your new eating habits.

HABIT is the key word here!  When I was training for the Freeride World Tour I took on one new behaviour every 6-12 months to allow it to become a HABIT.

Taking time to reflect on my goal for 2018 Photo credit: Ed West

When I first moved out to Whistler, Canada, I was only focusing on my skiing technique and was already meditating on a regular basis. After meeting some of the Freeride guys I started joining them in the gym for weight training after skiing.  This was hard to take on as I was already knackered from skiing all day.  But this soon became apart of my daily routine.  Following this I was introduced to yoga so I started attending yoga classes late evenings and on my rest days.  Following that I met my amazing nutritionalist, Courtney.  I already ate pretty healthy but she saw the cracks and got me to my optimal strength.  Just as I was settling in to this daily routine I was introduced my physio who gave me some exercises to do every morning before skiing to help engage my dormant muscles and get me that extra 5%.  After a few years my daily routine looked like this:

  • Physio exercises 30 mins
  • Yummy Healthy MASSIVE breakfast
  • Ski all day and have the best time of my life 🙂
  • Lift weights 30-60mins
  • Eat MASSIVE dinner
  • Go to Yin or Restorative Yoga
  • Meditate
  • Sleep

But it took me about 3 years to get here.  I knew there was no point in trying to take on all these things at once.  They would soon go out the window.  So this new year chose just one area you want to focus on until you feel ready to take on another challenge.  And anything else you do can be a bonus.  For example start by eating healthier, you will have a lot to learn and need to adjust your schedule so you have time to cook and do the food prep that’s required.  Then any walks you go on with friends will be a bonus.  Once you’ve got your new cooking routine dialed, start thinking about your exercise.  When you start exercising you’ll have the nutritional knowledge to eat appropriately for your new work out routine.

Now go do it – one thing at a time.

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